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Value of Hiring an Architect

February 1st, 2020

What Value Does an Architect Bring to Your Project?

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Making your first call to a qualified architect will inevitably save both time and money. Architects are trained to coordinate every stage of the process from early conceptual design through the final stages of construction. A talented architect will help your ideas first evolve on paper - inherently less expensive than design changes after construction is underway. Through the design process, a good architect will ask questions and listen, focusing the design around the client. Hiring an architect at the outset of any project will undoubtedly bring value, resulting in a far better project for everyone involved.

Often, Owners only think of an architect when drawings are required by their local jurisdiction for permitting. In such scenarios, an Architect is typically regarded as an added expense. On the contrary, a talented design Architect can ensure an Owner is aware of the entire process and takes the proper steps to tackle each stage. Producing a quality set of drawings, all aspects of the project are easily conveyed to the contractor, making it easier during the building process and, in turn, controlling budget creep.

Architectural Planning for The Long-Term

Value is not always upfront. Architects also consider the life cycle of a building – that is, how long it will last. Taking into account energy efficiency and quality, a competent architect will employ cost-effective methods of lighting and insulation as well as durable, long-lasting materials to avoid unnecessary maintenance and replacement later. A well-designed home and work environment will also increase in value for future resale.

Beyond the practical, an architect is fully trained in design aesthetics. Often, the most intimate details that give a space its character are the most important. However, it is these intangible elements that are often overlooked. A well-designed space can be defined by its proportions, lighting, materials, color and even acoustics. This is where a talented architect will not only work with you, but also with your contractor and any other tradesmen or vendors on the job site. In turn, this will elevate the overall vision to achieve the best outcome for your project.

Designing the Practical and Aesthetic

cincinnati home architect design At CHAATRIK Architecture, we view the Architect similar to one who leads the orchestra. While every instrument brings its unique voice to the composition, it is the Conductor that strings together the masterpiece...
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