The Sanctuary of Silence. A commission through the University of Helsinki to build a community space for Silence and Meditation. Located on the remote island of Uto in the middle of the Baltic Sea, our team discovered an old World War II army bunker - a structure intended for war - and transformed it into a place of beauty and peace. Our team spent one week on the island, went back to the studio to design and prep, then came back and built ths 2x6 wooden structure over the course of a few days. The interior of the bunker is remade into a place for solitude and reflection where one can enjoy a moment of reflection with a view out to the horizon through the newly framed aperture. The elegant structure above is a quiet sanctuary within the elements, where one's view is directed upward to frame the sky. This project embodies a timeless principle of design, where even a modest budget can utilize simple elements to transform the built environment into a deeply meaningful place.

Published in Arkkitehti, Feb 2009 - Finland's leading Architectural publication. Design & Construction: Jaipal Singh & Kentaro Negano Additional Construction: Helsinki Design Studio

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