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5 stars for sure! They helped me design a large wrap around deck and patio roof and produced an amazing result!

Love them! They are very friendly and addressed our needs.

Having work with Chaatrik Architecture and Jaipal I can say I’ve always have been impressed with the attention to detail, their quick response and their ability to make such emotive spaces .Really an honor to do work with such a talented firm

The company and staff were very responsive to our needs, worked out all and any "wish list " items.

Whether it’s commercial, residential, or environmental, Chaatrik Architecture’s designs are truly awe inspiring.

I am fortunate to have known Jaipal for several years, he designed the interior of the CobbleStone bar in OTR; he is an architect you can trust and count on to elevate your life.

Working with Jaipal is always seamless. Jaipal is thorough and prompt in returning his designs.

Jaipal’s collaborative spirit is infectious and he has been great to work with!

Professional and fast service ! Reasonable prices and the best quality! Highly recommended!

Jaipal Singh is extremely knowledgeable, incredibly thorough and helpful. I highly recommend Jaipal and CHAATRIK.

Chaatrik is an excellent firm! They deliver on time and are very reliable and easy to work with. Drawings are high quality and accurate.

Working with Jaipal for our new deck project has been amazing.

Jaipal is amazing. He immediately understood our style and what we were hoping to achieve with our contemporary sunroom and office addition.

He did a great job and plans were approved with no problems. Very reliable and fast to get drawings to me.

CHAATRIK's talented staff creatively designed a new structure next to the Reds Hall of Fame and Museum for our gameday merchandise, membership, and fundraising activities.

JaiPal came out to assist me with some obsolete dangerous fire escape issues at one property and he over saw the updates and developed blueprints on a commercial property remodel from beginning to end.

Mr. Singh explained all that would be necessary in language and terms that are less complicated than I expected.

Definitely give him a shout - he will both deliver and inspire!

Always a pleasure to work with. As a general contractor who has worked with many firms, Chaatrik Architecture is top notch!

The team at Chaatrik Architecture are true professionals and experts in the field.

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