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Magnificent Mile (Chicago)

This innovative and iconic store on Chicago's Magnificient Mile is T-Mobile's leading Flagship. Through an immersive experience in digital tech, customers witness floor to ceiling, wall to wall seamless displays of digital content with vibrant motifs recalling Chicago's historic skyline.


Jaipal Singh (Senior Design Architect) & FRCH Nelson


Staying true to T-Mobile's brand, this cutting-edge store broke barriers to bring a fresh, new look to the retail world. The exterior terra cotta rain screen wall is accented with custom light bars that transform the storefront at night.


The large portal entrance opens into a digitally enhanced vestibule where content jumps from wall to ceiling before the customer is brought to the interior of the store which opens up into a two-story chicago-loft style environment with illuminated space frames and sound-absorbant ceiling clouds.


With wireless charging, integrated touchscreens and smart technologies for HVAC and lighting, we integrated digital elements seamlessly into fixtures, furniture, walls, ceilings and even floors. At the touch of a button, the entire store can suddenly transform with media content jumping seamlessly from screen to screen in conjunction with coordinated audio. This store is a must-see for all.

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