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Creating Destinations in Retail Architecture

March 1st, 2020

With all the new restaurants and niche stores continuing to pop up in Cincinnati neighborhoods, business owners are finding that having a craftily designed space can create a must-see venue for their clientele.

Establishing a Brand

cincinnati architect design business storefront restaurant Having a skilled design team by your side can ensure the success of any retailer. A talented Architectural design firm will approach the client, the business and the brand, comprehensively. The beginning of the design process is the time to learn all about the people of a business and how they use the space. Take a restaurant: its customers, management, staff, the servers, dishwashers, the chef... What is required throughout the day? How do they move through the space? What is the work flow? How do they communicate? What is their purpose? What are their goals? Getting this deeper understanding helps hone what can be a tedius and open-ended process down to the essential issues. Ultimately, addressing these issues will create the ideal set of solutions specific to that business's path to success. For the creative mind, that solution will bring the brand to the forefront.

All aspects of the brand also go into the design of the restaurant or store. The name and signage of the business, the product or menu, the seating, lights and furniture, the colors and décor. Keeping the broader project and customer experience in focus, architects also tailor solutions for individual business challenges though client-focused design.

In-Store Experience and Online Experience

cincinnati ohio retail commercial architect business The in-store experience can also enhance the brand's online experience. Digital elements found on their website can incorporate into the interior design. By working with owners to make this connection from online presence to physical space, an architect executes this through tangible fixtures, furniture, walls, ceilings, and even flooring. At the touch of a button, entire stores can even transform with seamless content flowing on multiple screens, coordinated audio, coupled with color and design features throughout the space's interior.

This consistent branding and design can give brick and mortar an edge by giving an immersive, tactile experience that matches online brand identity and convenience.

Designing The Whole Picture: Big and Small

Through the idiosyncrasies of each site and client, prototypes are created that remain specific to each location. The store's unique identity shines while balancing the aesthetic, operational, and financial needs of each project all while enhancing the brand.

The architect's expertise guides owners through the process, from selecting location, to construction, brand refinement and realization into a physical space that customers are genuinely drawn to.
Whether new build or remodel, architects help business owners through what can seem like an overwhelming amount of decisions, permitting, and branding, bringing harmony with all aspects, electric, HVAC, lighting, and graphic elements.

As a Cincinnati based design firm, CHAATRIK is committed to delivering practical, beautiful solutions that inspire and elevate. We bridge the gap between concept and construction to seize the opportunities in every project. Our method will help transform and enhance your built environment.

Contact us for a consultation on your nest project. We would love to help!

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